Tutorial to Configure Your Sabai OS based Router for Accessing PPTP VPN Service Through it

Sabai OS based routers can be used to access PPTP VPN service through it, by connecting any of your devices through a wireless network connection. A stepwise manual guide is provided below to help you configure a PPTP VPN connection on your Sabai OS based router to be used for the above said purpose.

  • To start with the configuration process, you need to connect to the Sabai router through an ethernet cable or via the wireless connection.
  • Now, you need to access the web interface of the router, which you can access through entering the address “” and then hitting the enter button. Here, you will be prompted to enter a username and a password to login to access the interface, for which, the default value was provided at the time of router’s installation.
  • You will see a menu bar on the left side of the screen, after logging to the interface. Select the ‘PPTP’ option available under the ‘Network’. You will get a small form, where you need to enter the values according to your VPN provider to establish a successful connection.
  • In the first field, labeled by the name ‘Server’, you need to enter the IP address of the server, which you wish to connect through this connection. The value of the IP address in this field will be provided to you in the welcome mail from your VPN provider. If you are unable to find the information in the mail, you can find it by logging in to the customer area on the website of your VPN provider.
  • The next fields are labeled as ‘username’ and ‘password’, where you need to enter the log in credentials for your VPN account. You can find this information in the same welcome mail, which your VPN provider has sent you after registering for the service.
  • Ensure that the option labeled ‘Require MPPE-128’ is enabled and the option named ‘MPPE-Stateful’ is disabled.
  • Now, you can click on the ‘save’ button to save all the configuration changes that you made.
  • Or you can also click on the ‘Start’ button to save the settings and initiate the process to connect with the VPN server.
  • After connecting with the server, you can check the status of the connection by looking at the message displayed on the top right corner of the screen. The message will be displayed as ‘VPN is up via PPTP’, along with the IP address that you are allocated with its location beneath the connected message.
  • Your router has a pre-defined value for the wireless connection, which can be changed according to your requirements.
  • To change the information regarding the wireless connection, you need to click on the ‘basic’ option available under the ‘network’ option on the left-side bar of the router interface. After making the changes, click on the ‘save’ button to save the changes made.

Thus, with this guide, you can successfully connect to the PPTP VPN connection to any device through your Sabai OS based router.

Sabai OS Router

To verify your anonymity, you can check the displayed IP address for your device with any of the IP lookup service.

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