Guide to Configure SuSE 8.2 based System to Connect to a PPTP VPN Server

SuSE 8.2 is provided with several pre-compiled RPMs to be used with PPP and PPTP client, which you can check with Yast2 for installation. You shouldn’t upgrade the CVS PPP Package or the PPTP client software, which will restrict the VPN connection due to conflicts with a kernel module, ppp_mppe.0. If you wish to browse your remote LAN after connecting to it, you need to install the Lisa network domain.

Configuration of the PPTP Client

You need to use the pptp-command as root for the creation of a tunnel to the VPN server on Windows 2000 from the command window. Steps to configure the client are given below.

  • Start by running the pptp script, “[yoursys pptp]# pptp-command”. This script displays a list of commands, from where you need to choose the ‘setup’ option at #3.
  • The setup script executes with the display of another list, where you need to choose the 2nd item ‘Add a new CHAP Secret’. This displays you the choice you made along with the information regarding the specification of a local name and you are prompted for the remote name. Simply press the ENTER button to take on the default value.
  • Now, you are asked to enter the password for your remote system, which will be tunneled to, which will be taken as the password or the CHAP secret for the specified account.
  • You are again displayed a list of options, where you need to choose the item number 5, ‘Add a new PPTP tunnel’. Here, you get a list of available tunnels, which will contain only one option ‘other’, if no tunnel has been created before. You should select this option, if no other option is available, or select your desired option.
  • The next script contains all the data regarding your choice, while the list is redisplayed, where you need to choose the option no. 7 ‘configure resolv.conf’.
  • The next script asks you about the configuration file, where you should take the default value to proceed, where the choice of other tunnel option will lead you to some more related questions, which you can skip with another choice of the tunnel.
  • Now, you get the data about the configuration file and the list is redisplayed. Select the default tunnel at option #8 and then select #9 to quit the process, which will return you to the command window.
  • You can now connect to the PPTP tunnel through the command window with the script “[your_sys pptp]# pptp-command” and select option #1 ‘start’. Now, select the desired tunnel to connect to and you will be connected to the VPN server in a short time.
  • You can also stop the PPTP connection by following the same command in the command window and selecting the ‘stop’ option to terminate the connection.

VPN Service Providers

Thus, the above guide helps you configure your SuSE 8.2 Linux based system and use it with a PPTP VPN connection. However, the security feature of the OS will slow down the speed of internet browsing a bit, depending on a number of factors like the distance from the VPN Server, traffic and others.

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