The Future of the VPN Market

Virtual private network market is huge for both individuals and business organizations. Growth is steady and users generally find it to be astounding in many ways. In the last decade alone, we have seen an exponential growth which is both in the individual and business side of things. In a couple of years from now, we are expecting the VPN market to grow to almost 100+ billion dollars which is remarkable. Here we shall discuss the key points that is fueling this exponential growth.

Personal usage

We all know the fact that businesses use vpn service for all their activities but the growth exponentially is going to happen with the flow of individual users. Individual users can benefit a lot with the use of a virtual private network connection, which is not what most of you think. There is a huge difference between the advantages offered by a VPN for individual users when compared to that of corporate or business users. Individual users have understood the importance of security, privacy and anonymity online and have therefore made use of a virtual network connection that is both affordable and offers multiple benefits. The ease of setting up the service across multiple device platforms and using it from anywhere in the world has certainly attracted many users. More and more individuals have started to realize the importance of this network.

Data security

Many media news surrounding net neutrality and data hacking/stealing has created a growing cloud of concern amongst internet users. Net neutrality is something that many individuals are deeply concerned about and this can be achieved only by using a VPN service, which is also one of the major reasons for the growth of VPN. An encrypted protocol based tunneled internet network provided by a virtual private network is what offers you, your very own net neutrality. Your very own internet service provider will not be able to access your confidential internet activities. As a result of this state, from a subscriber point of view, your internet activity will stay secure, anonymous and most importantly – stay private.

Growing hotspots

With more and more cafes, pubs, theaters, convention centers and so on, more and more internet hotspots and Wi-Fi locations have come up and the internet connectivity options for individuals outside their home have increased meaning, the level of vulnerability has increased, which is not ideal for people who surf a lot using unsecured internet network such as these. VPN ensures security, privacy and anonymity when using such networks so you should have no problem in protecting your internet activity and data anywhere.

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