Steps to Configure Your Asus RT N16 Router for a L2TP VPN Connection

There are many different routers available that can be configured to be used for a VPN connection, where many devices need their firmware to be changed. However, the Asus RT N-16 router can be configured for a VPN connection with its original firmware only. A stepwise guide is given below to help you configure your router for an L2TP based VPN connection, without the need to change its original firmware. This guide has been prepared by using the firmware v3. for the router, where other routers like Asus N660, 560U and others can also be configured with the same guide.

Browse The Internet Anonymously

  • Before starting with the guide, it is advised to get the latest firmware for your router and install the same.
  • Now, get access to the web interface of the router by logging in using the username and password of the router. You can access the web-interface by typing the value “” in the address bar of your browser window.
  • Now move to the WAN tab to configure your router for a VPN connection and proceed according to the next steps.
  • For the option labeled ‘WAN Connection Type’, choose the “L2TP” value, under the “Basic Config” column.
  • Under the same column, you will find three other options named ‘Enable WAN’, ‘Enable NAT’ and ‘Enable UPnP’, with only two options, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ for each. You need to choose the option ‘Yes’ for each of the fields as named above.
  •  Under the next column named “WAN IP Setting”, you will see a single field, named ‘Get WAN IP Automatically’, for which you again need to select the ‘Yes’ value.
  • The next column that you will see is labeled as “WAN DNS Setting”, where you need to select the value ‘No’ for the first field labeled ‘Connect to DNS Server automatically’.
  • In the next fields, you must enter the IP addresses for the ‘Primary DNS Server’ and the ‘Secondary DNS Server’, which you can get from your VPN provider.
  • Next, move to the column marked as “Account Setting”, where you need to fill in your L2TP VPN account related settings.
  • In the fields labeled as ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’, you need to fill in the values for the log in credentials of the VPN service that you have subscribed to. You will see a checkbox for ‘Show password’ option, which you can enable to view the password entered in the above field for verification purpose.
  • In the next column labeled “Special Requirement from ISP”, you need to enter your VPN server related values. The IP Address of the VPN server to be connected should be entered in the field ‘VPN Server’, while the field labeled ‘Host name’ needs to be vacant.
  • Click on the ‘Apply’ button to save all the settings and use the connection.

You must confirm that the passthrough option for the desired connection type must be set to ‘Enable’. Connect to the L2TP VPN server and enjoy secured and anonymous browsing through your Asus RT N-16 router.

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