Guide to Configure Your Draytek Router to use it with a PPTP VPN Connection

Most of the DrayTek routers are provided with a support for a PPTP VPN connection, where there isn’t any need for flashing or to modify the firmware. This is supported by the fact that most of the routers belonging to this category have an inbuilt client for a PPTP support. A detailed guide is provided in the steps below to help you configure your DrayTek router for a PPTP VPN connection. If the following steps fail to work, you must upgrade your router’s firmware to enable it for a use with a PPTP VPN connection.

Follow the steps below to setup your router for a PPTP VPN connection.

  • To begin with, log in to your router and get access to the web interface to proceed with the settings.
  • From the interface page, find the ‘VPN & remote Access’ option, provided on the left side menu and select it to proceed with the process.
  • In the submenu opened up, find the option named ‘LAN to LAN’ and select it to proceed further with the settings.
  • Here, you need to create a new connection, for which, you need to click on an unfilled entry field.
  • Under the ‘Common settings’ column, enter a desired name for the connection in the field labeled ‘profile name’ and check the box for ‘enable this profile’ option.
  • Now, you need to change the value of ‘Call Direction’ and select the ‘Dial-out’ option, after which, you need to enable the ‘Always on’ option below it.
  • Next, move to the ‘Dial-out’ column, where you need to select the value ‘PPTP’ as the type of server that the router needs to call for establishing a connection.
  • In the next field for PPTP servers, you need to enter the value of a server that you wish to connect. You will get this value from the welcome mail received from your VPN provider or you can find the value by logging in to the customer area.
  • On the right column, enter the log in credentials for your VPN service in the fields labeled as ‘username’ and ‘password’ and select the value ‘PAP/CHAP’ for ‘PPP Authentication’ field.
  •  In the column named ‘TCP/IP Network Settings’, select the option ‘disable’ for the ‘RIP Direction’ field. While, in the option below this option, you need to select ‘NAT’ for “from first subnet to remote network, you have to do”.
  • Now, enable the option named “Change default route to this VPN tunnel” to proceed with the settings of the connection.
  • With this step, all the essential modifications to connect to the desired VPN connection are done.

Draytek Vigor Router


Thus, with the help of these settings, you will be able to connect to the PPTP VPN connection through your Draytek router. However, if these settings don’t work, you need to upgrade your router’s firmware to get access to a PPTP VPN connection through it. Connect to your subscribed PPTP VPN service and get a secure and anonymous access to your internet service.

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