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One of the signs of a truly worthy VPN service is a policy of not logging user activity. No VPN service does not keep any logs at all. But the best ones will only log when you initiate the request for troubleshooting purposes. And they do not keep these logs for longer than it takes to solve the problem and restore the best service capacity. ExpressVPN is one such provider that does not keep logs any longer than they really need to.

Necessary Logs

Most VPN services will say that they do not keep logs. But this can mean many different kinds of logs. What you need to look for is a provider like ExpressVPN that does not keep records of your activities while connected to the VPN service. Any information taken by the service must be used for the user’s needs and nothing else.

What ExpressVPN does is allow users to control when the VPN app can log their sessions. This is then used for troubleshooting. Users of course can choose not to save a log file. This can make troubleshooting more difficult, but it is still completely up to the user. ExpressVPN understands privacy and respects that saving logs is a privacy issue. When ExpressVPN saves a log for a user at their request, the data is only used to make the user’s experience better. After an issue has been addressed, the logs are disposed of.

Many VPN services offer different kinds of plans for different types of users. To come up with these plans, they need data to tell them what plans people need. Some VPN services log user activities so they can figure out how much bandwidth or data to offer, and how many and which servers and protocols are needed on each plan. ExpressVPN does none of this. They have one package, and all the servers and protocols and unlimited usage is offered all in that one plan. There is no need for logging to come up with sellable VPN plans.

ExpressVPN is a completely legitimate company, and the only other time that they will log user data is when requested to by the government. If a user’s data is requested in cases of content piracy, for instance, ExpressVPN has no logs to give. But they can begin logging if those requesting have the proper authority to demand it. ExpressVPN is not for illegal use and so only those doing illegal activities should worry.



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