ExpressVPN to Protect Online Privacy

There are a lot of people online monitoring internet users. Online privacy has been one of the hottest topics in the last half year. But so far there are no solid laws to protect users from invasive data gathering. And laws against cybercrime have not worked as well as we would like to guard users against online identity fraud and theft. A VPN service like ExpressVPN is still the average internet user’s best bet to keep online activities and data private to stay safe from snoops, hackers and thieves.

ExpressVPN to Secure Accounts

Using public Wi-Fi is one of the biggest no-nos when it comes to online security. But accessing accounts at Wi-Fi hotspots is something many people cannot avoid. It is just too inconvenient to always have to find a safe connection before logging on to check important emails or complete transactions at online stores and personal bank accounts. Using ExpressVPN is the easy and affordable solution to this dilemma. This lightweight and unobtrusive tool can give users private access to online accounts so that their activities cannot be monitored. It also encrypts their communications so that no one else can see what they are sending and receiving.



ExpressVPN to Evade ISP Monitoring

Almost all ISPs monitor their subscribers’ online activities to control their bandwidth usage. But no one wants to be monitored. This is a serious privacy risk, even if the ISP does not really read the contents of a person’s emails or chats. The point is that if they can do it, so can someone else. And users definitely don’t want to have their bandwidth limited according to what they use the internet for. ExpressVPN can mask internet communications so that users’ ISPs can’t see what they are doing. The ISP therefore wan’t throttle bandwidth because they won’t see any reason to.

ExpressVPN also works to help people gain access to content online that is otherwise blocked. Users who live in countries that practice internet censorship can vivit and interact with websites and online services that are not normally allowed. All they need to do in connect to a VPN server in a country that is not blocking access. Users who want to access content that is only available in certain countries can access it in the same way. Accessing content with ExpressVPN is also done behind the privacy of the VPN. With an ExpressVPN IP address, all that anyone can see is the VPN’s IP and not the user’s IP. Location, data and activities all remain private.

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