iVPN on FCC Corruption

Top VPN iVPN has released a report on FCC corruption and how this affects the net neutrality debate. iVPN calls our attention to the interconnectedness of the FCC and the companies it is directed to regulate.

FCC, ISPs and Lobbyists Interconnected

Employees and heads of Comcast and other Internet service providers are known to have worked for the FCC in the past. And the FCC is run by a former chief of telecom industry lobby groups. These lobby groups stand to profit much from the death of net neutrality. With these conflicts of interest, how can we trust the FCC to properly regulate these companies? We cannot trust the FCC to have the interests of net neutrality at heart.

iVPN urges people to take control in light of this problem. We cannot let politicians who care more about profits to influence the debate. We cannot let companies that obviously don’t care about our online rights control our access. We need to support small companies as well as they also join in the fight. If the FCC succeeds in allowing the biggest ISPs to charge what they want for content delivery, we will all be in trouble. We need to stop these monopolies for net neutrality to survive so we can continue to enjoy an open and free Internet.


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