How To Find The Best VPN Service In The US

It is daunting for many newcomers to VPNs to determine which VPN provider suits their needs at the best price possible. Some of the uncertainty can be alleviated by remembering to look for a few key details. These details are performance, security, compatibility.

How Does It Stack Up?

To better understand what you’re looking for in a VPN you will want to know what a VPN actually does and figure out your own personal needs and how you plan to use the service. A VPN or, Virtual Private Network is a process in which your internet connection is tunneled through a remote server that assigns you a new IP address and simultaneously encrypts the data going out into the world wide web. You also want to consider how you plan to use this VPN. If you plan to stream a lot of content, download files on a regular basis and maybe do some gaming you will have a greater demand for bandwidth than someone who just wants to securely check emails. Knowing what you plan to do with your VPN will help you evaluate the factors that matter to you as the consumer.

How Safe Am I?

The basic function of a VPN provides a considerable amount of protection from unwanted probes and data miners. Once it is shown your data is encrypted, the person or persons trying to access your data are more likely to just move onto someone who isn’t using a VPN. For the security minded, it is also important to remember that some VPN providers log their users data as it travels through the server, so even if you’re protected from outside viewing if your provider logs they can see what you’ve been doing. If anonymity is a big concern for you, choosing a provider who doesn’t log is the best option. If you require a greater level of encryption there are also providers who offer a greater level of encryption for a higher cost.

Does It Perform Well?

Performance of a particular VPN is highly dependent on a couple of factors, the total number of servers available and where they are in relation to your physical location.  A provider who has many servers on offer can spread their client base out keeping traffic to a minimum which will alleviate potential congestion on the servers which can greatly affect stability and performance. The physical location of the server in relation to you will also determine how stable the connection is. Remember, the closer you are to the server you’re using the more stable of a connection you will have. Compatibility is also something to bear in mind when choosing a VPN. Most providers offer VPNs on all devices but you will want to check that your device is on the list of compatible devices. In the case of a device not being compatible, the provider may have some workarounds to make it function on your device but those are often not for people new to VPNs and could potentially damage your device if handled improperly.

We Want To Help

To keep the process of choosing the best VPN in the US as simple as possible, we have put together a handy table of the top VPN providers and their pros and cons.

Rank VPN Provider Starting Price Money Back Guarantee
Visit Provider Site
1 Express VPN $6.67/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
2 $6.55/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
3 IpVanish VPN $10.00/ Month 7 Days visit ipvanish
4 $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn
Vypr VPN
$14.95/Month 7 Days visit vyprvpn
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