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VyprVPN, one of our picks for top VPN, now has a referral program called Give a Month, Get a Month. VyprVPN users can share a month of VyprVPN service and get back a month in exchange.

Give a Month, Get a Month

With the new VyprVPN referral program, subscribers can give a month of VyprVPN service to a person of their choice. After this, the VyprVPN user who shared the service gets back a free month. The person they shared with just needs to sign up to VyprVPN. And VyprVPN subscribers can give away as many months as they want. If you can keep getting other people to sign up for VyprVPN, you can keep getting one month after another, all free.

VyprVPN users can get their referral links from their control panels on the Golden Frog website. This is a quick and easy way to share the promo with friends and family. The link can be posted on any social media sites or sent to contacts via email. If one person uses that free month and ends up signing up for their own VyprVPN account, you get a month of free service.

The Give a Month, Get a Month referral program is a great way to get your friends and loved ones supreme online security and privacy. You can serve them with a month of VyprVPN that they can conveniently use and give them a taste of the freedom and anonymity that VyprVPN provides.

What’s so Great about VyprVPN?

VyprVPN uses its own breed of protocol called Chameleon. This protocol has been developed especially for VyprVPN. This means that common blocks that other widey used protocols suffer do not affect VyprVPN. Users can enjoy more Internet freedom with VyprVPN because they will not experience blocks caused by Deep Packet Inspection. VPN services are often watched by authoritarian governments. But VyprVPN escapes their attention.

VyprVPN 2.0

If your contacts need more information before they sign up, just direct them to the Golden Frog website. There they can find a lot of detailed information on the setup and configuration of VyprVPN. VyprVPN has a lot of special features that are listed on the website. There are also many FAQs and tutorials that can be very helpful to first time users.

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