Voice over Internet Protocol is a communication tool which can be efficiently used in business organizations and also by individuals. The main purpose of VOIP is to communicate. Within the business organizations, VOIP service would enable the employees to communicate with one another and also with their senior officials. The communication can be handled across business centers located in different countries too using VOIP. Individuals would be able to communicate and share their photos, videos etc. with their relatives and friends using VOIP services. VOIP service allows businesses and individuals to send messages, perform voice chat, video chat and even perform file transfers. There is a limit on the amount of files that can be sent over VOIP services too. Now, as we have understood the use of VOIP services, let us now rope in VPN and know why we need a VPN for VOIP.

VPN for VOIP – Why?

VOIP services provide communication, but what they do not provide is online security. A lot of incidents have occurred in the past wherein important communications and file transfers have been stolen by hackers and scammers, which have then been utilized in the wrong manner. Such instances have caused major damage to business organizations and individuals and most of the companies that have been affected by such instances have bankrupted. This makes security a much more important feature while using VOIP and VPN for VOIP would provide necessary security to stay protected.

Another reason for the necessity of VPN for VOIP is that, certain countries do have bans on VOIP services. Certain governments and private agencies in a country have restricted the usage of certain VOIP services and as most of you might be familiar with, the popularity of VOIP are mainly because of the low cost. There is no other service available that can offer communication at such a low cost. Using VPN for VOIP, one can unblock the restriction and perform communication for free or at a low cost using VOIP services. Security and accessibility are the two main reasons why users opt for a VPN for VOIP. Let us study in detail on how each of these services is made possible by a Virtual Private Network.

VPN for VOIP – Accessibility

Restrictions are imposed on the usage of VOIP services to the internet user based on their identity. Government of a particular country would impose bans on all the internet users located in their country from using VOIP through their Internet Protocol address. Even Internet Service Providers seem to serve the government by preventing their users from making use of VOIP services. Popular VOIP service providers include Skype, Ping, Voodoo, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc. All these communication platforms are much cheaper and user-friendly than most other types and that is the reason why VPN for VOIP has come to the rescue of its users.

VPN servers located in countries that have no restrictions on VOIP usage would provide the internet network to the subscriber and this internet network would hide the original IP of the individual and replace it with the IP of the server location. By this way, the identity of the user would be hidden and so he or she would be able to access VOIP services without being affected by the online restriction.

VPN for VOIP – Security

Security would be a major area of concern for VOIP service users, because most of them would be communicating important details pertaining to the business organization or personal details with their colleagues and close relatives. In addition to this, most of the VOIP communications are performed using smartphones and tablets that have very poor security protocols. Hacking a smartphone or tablet is very easy when compared to a personal computer or laptop and that is the reason why most of hackers choose this easy option.

If the network is encrypted, then the level of security would be higher. Most of the free public Wi-Fi hotspots provided in airports, malls, theaters, metro stations, pubs etc. are unsecured. VPN servers provide an encrypted network and also offer them in the form of VPN protocols. Such a complex and secured network is unbreakable and so the user can be sure of safeguarding his or her valuable data. The secured internet network provided by the VPN service would be tunnel based and as a result of this, the entire internet activity would be processed through this tunnel and there is no chance of it being hacked.

Higher Bandwidth range of VPN for VOIP

Few of the VPN service providers offer their servers at a higher bandwidth range for their subscribers and what this does is that, the quality of VOIP service would be improved. Presence of higher bandwidth would help in improving the quality of communication. High quality video chats and voice chats can be performed without any time lag or delay. Frustration of having to wait for the service to load is totally out of the picture. If the VPN service provider chosen by the user has multiple servers in a single location, then the data traffic and login time would be reduced. 24X7 customer support feature is also available for VPN subscribers.

Best 5 VPN for VOIP

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