StrongVPN Versus StrongDNS

Some users have been asking about StrongVPN versus StrongDNS since the DNS service was launched some months ago. So the company released a neat comparison to make it easy for people to see the merits of each service for different purposes and how they are different from each other.


StrongVPN provides Internet traffic encryption for all user traffic, hides the user’s IP address from ISPs and websites, and unblocks websites restricted by ISPs, governments and site administrators anywhere around the world. This makes StrongVPN a good tool for Internet security and international website unblocking.


StrongDNS can be used to unblock some websites in the US and the UK, is compatible with nearly all devices, and works on multiple devices on the same network. This makes StrongDNS a good tool for unblocking specific popular sites in the US and the UK that are being routed through StrongDNS servers. It does not provide connection security as StrongVPN does.

Subscribers can choose to use StrongVPN or StrongDNS depending on their needs, or use both at the same time. StrongVPN users can get an additional StrongDNS package for 20% off the original price. There is also a free trial of StrongDNS available for users to test out the service for a week before deciding to purchase or not.


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