StrongVPN for Russia Censorship

Most Russian territories are under government internet censorship. People who try to use the internet from within Russia will be faced with some blocks. Internet censorship in Russia began in April this year. Censorship in the area is selective and was set up as a way to deter child pornography. But it is one of the countries under surveillance. So users there may not really mind not accessing a few sites. But they may not want to be under surveillance. To steer clear of those trackers, internet users need a reliable VPN service.

The Russian national telecom company MGTS, operating out of Moscow, has been offering a VPN service since September this year. It was set up for businesses within Russia, and they can sign up for it to access restricted websites. But again, individuals may not be allowed access. And furthermore all traffic over this state VPN will be monitored by the government.

Russia started censoring internet content available in the country when they requested Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to remove some content they found offensive and harmful to children. Roskomnadzor is the agency of the Russian government responsible for internet censorship. The move aimed to control content that encouraged child pornography and that could lead to children harming themselves, like content about suicide and using drugs. The agency does not intent to ban sites completely, but only to restrict harmful content.

StrongVPN for Open and Private Internet

A better alternative to the state VPN is a personal VPN service like StrongVPN. This will give users the freedom to access any content they want from any country without being monitored. This double advantage means both a greater range of access and a greater degree of privacy.


A StrongVPN subscription will give you up to hundreds of thousands of alternative IP addresses to choose from. This means that you can virtually be in any country of your choice so you can get to all the content that is restricted to users in those countries. The alternative IPs also mask your real location so you can’t be tracked by anyone monitoring your connection, like your ISP or the government.

And there’s even more. A VPN package like those offered by StrongVPN can help you stay safe from the many dangers that you face online every day. VPNs offer data and traffic encryption that keep thieves, data brokers, spies, and other criminals from stealing your data and identity. They won’t even know to follow you because all the data is sent through a private tunnel. So you can be safer from phishing and social engineering attacks because they won’t be able to detect your activities and trace you to get more information and try and scam you.

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