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If you are living in or visiting China, you will know that it is very difficult to use the simple Web services that we have come to take for granted. One example is Google. Most Internet users around the world regularly go to Google to search for information on subjects or items that they need or want. But in China, there has been a years’ long battle with Google over what search results the government will allow. If you are tired of getting only a smidgen of what Google can offer, try using a unblocking VPN like proXPN. Then you can get the unaltered universal results that Google would give you in other countries.

Google Censored

Google has been through a lot because of the strict censorship practices of the Chinese government. At one time, the searches were limited. Users could not get results for certain terms, or the results would be limited to what the government deemed safe for Chinese people to see. At another time, Google got blocked completely so that no user with a Chinese IP address could access any Google results at all. Most recently, Google offered a notification that told users in China if their search terms were not acceptable to the government. This notice has no longer appeared since December last year. But the connection issues that go along with trying to use Google in China remain. Because of the tough censorship applied to the search engine, users can expect delays of over minute when executing searches.


Getting Google, Uncensored


Using a good VPN service like proXPN allows Internet uses in China to get the full, uncensored and fast version of Google results. What proXPN does is to hide your Chinese IP address and replace it with another IP from a country of your choice. This makes you bypass the Chinese filters so your searches don’t get blocked. In addition, your activities cannot be detected by your ISP or the government because they are protected by private VPN tunneling and the encryption of your data and traffic. So go and try a VPN today and experience what Google was meant to be.

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