PPTP VPN on Linux

PPTP VPN on Linux system is not as complicated as most of it think it is. As a matter of fact, all of you who are having doubts regarding the setup procedure of PPTP VPN on Linux should have a look at the steps given below because they are not as complicated as you think. There is a difference between the setup procedures involved in Windows OS compared to that of Linux. In the case of Linux, the process involves package installation, password configuration, server settings and traffic routing. All these factors put together form the setup procedure, so follow the steps as given.

PPTP VPN on Linux – Setup

The setup procedure that we are going to discuss here is common for both Debian as well as Red Hat. Follow the instructions properly and establish PPTP VPN on Linux.

  1. PPTP client installation (Red Hat/Fedora/ CentOS)

“yum install pptp”


  1. Using apt-get command (Ubuntu/Debian)

apt-get install pptp-linux”


  1. VPN credentials and settings

vi / etc /ppp/ chap-secrets


  1. File syntax

DOMAIN \\ username  PPTP  vpnpassword  *


  1. Let us assume username as ‘bestvpn’ and password as ‘service’

EXAMPLE \\ bestvpn  PPTP  service


  1. VPN server settings configuration (under peers directory, create a new file and edit it)

vi  / etc/ ppp/ peers/ vpnconnection1

  1. Adding content as per the syntax

pty “pptp vpn-server-hostname-or-ip-address—nolaunchpppd”

 name DOMAIN \\ username

 remotename PPTP


 file / etc/ ppp/ options.pptp

 ipparam vpnconnection1


  1. Route addition to the routing table

vi / etc / ppp / ip-up.d/ vpn1-route

Along with this content,

#! / bin / bash

route add –net dev ppp0


  1. Creating an executable file

“chmod +x / etc/ ppp/ ip-up.d/vpn1 – route”


  1. Testing connection

pppd call vpnconnection1

Viewing messages log file,

tail – f /var / log/ messages


With these commands you can establish PPTP VPN on Linux and if you want to disconnect the VPN connection then you should choose the option of “killall pppd”.

Follow the step by step process given below and enjoy the VPN connection on your Linux OS based device. You should choose the right VPN service provider or else you won’t be able to secure all the high quality features that are usually provided by a VPN.

Best 5 PPTP VPN on Linux

In the section here you can find the list of the best 5 VPN service providers and using the services provided by any of these reliable VPN service provider you can get all the features you need.

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