iVPN and Online Privacy in 2014

There has been some news floating around that the US government may attempt to make VPNs illegal. This could become a serious problem for many users. They have been turning to dependable VPNs over the past several months to secure their online privacy. Without access to VPNs, they will once again be vulnerable to hacker attacks, online thievery, and mass government surveillance.

iVPN Protection in 2014

VPNs have seen huge increases in package signups since Edward Snowden revealed that the government has been spying on Internet users around the world. What will these users do to protect their privacy if VPNs are indeed to be banned? And how will they fend off other online attacks? Many have been using them for protection against online account hacking and theft, which have become much more serious and widespread in the past year.

The government has spoken out against VPNs, attacking them from the angle that they are the tools used by hackers and online criminals. Though it is true that they hide behind VPNs, this does not mean that VPNs support hacking and thievery. In fact, many of the top VPN companies clearly state in their terms of service that they do not condone the use of their services for illegal activities. Banning VPNs may make it easier for the government to catch these criminals, but removing VPNs puts all online users at risk.

So are VPNs on the way out? iVPN thinks this is unlikely. There are VPN companies all over the world, ready to serve any Internet user regardless of their location. There more likely will be changes in data retention laws. VPNs might be compelled under law to turn over user data to the government. But privacy advocates and concerned lawmakers are working on a plan to make sure that innocent Internet users are not violated. So the outlook in 2014 is not so bad, and may even bring more positive changes with regard to online privacy.

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