Instructions to Setup Your Draytek Vigor Router for Connection with SSL VPN Connection

Setting up a Draytek Vigor router for an SSL VPN connection is a bit lengthy process, where you need to create an account, establish its connection with web application and then use the Smart VPN client. The steps required to be followed in this process are given below.

Create an SSL Account

  • Before setting up an account, you must modify either of the ports from its default value to avoid any port conflict between SSL VPN and HTTPS management. Select the ‘SSL VPN’ option and then the ‘General Setup’ option, where you need change the ‘Port’ value, for instance to ‘4433’ and click ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • Select ‘User Account’ under the ‘SSL VPN’ option and then click on the ‘Index 1’ for the setup of SSL VPN account configuration.
  •  Mark the box for ‘Enable this account’ option, select ‘SSL Tunnel’ option under “Allowed Dial-in Type”, enter the login credentials in the right column and click on ‘OK’.
  • Now, go to ‘User Group’ under ‘SSL VPN’ and build a new user group profile by clicking on the ‘Index 1’.
  • Check the ‘enable’ option, enter the name of the group, say “SSL_Web”, select ‘Local User Database’ under “Authentication Methods”, then move the available users to selected users and click ‘OK’ button.

Setup VPN Tunnel through Web Application

  • Login to the Vigor router from client side and click on ‘Connect’ under the ‘SSL Tunnel’ tab.
  • On successful connection, you will get a window displaying some stats.

Connect to Remote Server using SSL Application

Three different applications are supported by the Vigor Router, out of which, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is configured as below.

  • Go to ‘SSL Application’ under the ‘SSL VPN’ option and click on ‘Index 1’ for creating a new Application Profile.
  • Check the ‘Enable Application Service’ option, enter a name for the application, select ‘RDP’ for ‘Application’ field, enter the RDP Server’s IP address in the ‘IP Address’ field and click ‘OK’.
  • Select ‘User Group’ under ‘SSL VPN’ and build a new User Group Profile by clicking on ‘Index 1’.
  • Check ‘enable’ option, enter a name for the group, like “SSL_RDP”, check ‘SSL_RDP’ & ‘SSL Application’ under “Access Authority” option, check ‘Local User Database’ under “Authentication methods” and move the available users to the “selected users” column.
  • Click ‘OK’ and login to the Vigor Router from client side. Go to the ‘SSL Application’ tab and click on ‘Connect’, which might need you to allow window pop-up and disable TLS1.0.

Setup VPN Connection with Smart VPN Client

  • Download and install the Smart VPN Client and click ‘Insert’ from the first window appearing at its start.
  • Enter a desired profile name, enter the IP address of your VPN server, login credentials of your VPN connection & select ‘SSL VPN Tunnel’ as “Type of VPN” and click ‘OK’.
  • Now, select the newly created VPN profile, click on ‘Connect’ and then ‘OK’ to establish a connection.
  • The glowing ‘VPN’ LED at the bottom will indicate a successful connection.
  • Draytek Vigor Router

Thus this guide helps you configure your Draytek Vigor Router to connect with an SSL VPN connection.

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