IAPS Security Updates

The IAPS Security VPN has added new US servers to their network. They also warn about a problem with a secondary node server that is currently being fixed.

New US VPN Servers

There is a demand for high quality VPN services for users in China. The Chinese government is continually cracking down on VPNs, trying to stop them from operating. VPNs help people who live in China to freely access online services, and the government doesn’t like this. In response, IAPS Security has just launched five US servers to support Chinese users. The servers support OpenVPN and SSHv2 tunnel use. With these servers, IAPS Security is doing their part to combat the efforts of oppressive government Internet control. Users can rely on the IAPS Security VPN to protect their Internet communications.

Secondary Node Alert

IAPS Security gave users a heads up last week that a secondary node server was not functioning normally. The issue affects only certain countries and no poker servers are affected. They identified a processor issue when it was running very high, non-stop. The problem caused the processor to operate at 85% which resulted in a node slowdown. The IAPS technical team assessed that it was due to a fan that blew out. The team went to work on a replacement and the affected secondary node servers should be up and running at peak capacity very soon. The servers are: London, UK; Malaysia; Texas, USA, and Switzerland.IAPS

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