How to Stop / Bypass ISP Throttling with a VPN

Internet network is provided to us by ISPs and these service providers are capable of controlling the network connectivity delivered as per their intention, which might not be suitable for an individual at all circumstances. Internet is used by people all over the world and nowadays you cannot live without an active internet connection for sure. ISPs are used to monitoring the internet activities performed by their subscribers, which is known to all. But nowadays they have started to imprint a lot of their intentions on their customers. One such problem faced by internet users is ISP bandwidth throttling. As a result of this, users will face disruptions in overall network performance and quality, which is not ideal.

Network speed

Performance is one of the most important factors required by internet users all over, without which one could not enjoy a free and super fast network connectivity. ISP throttling will bring down speed, bandwidth and overall network connectivity drastically, thereby hindering the enhanced surfing experience that we all expect online.


Bandwidth throttling in particular is a technique used by ISPs to reduce the bandwidth speed of the network offered by the server. ISPs use this technique mainly for regulating internet traffic as per their wish. A paid subscriber would not like this because they have made the payment mainly for attaining quality. Bandwidth control and throttling will cut down streaming speed to a great extent. If you are someone who loves watching HD videos then this will create a major problem because you’d no longer be able to stream HD contents. It also affects those who are going to stream live videos, sporting events, news, TV shows, series, etc.

Bypass throttling using VPN

Virtual private network does assist subscribers in bypassing bandwidth throttling. Hiding your internet activities is the best solution for making sure that your service provider doesn’t come your way. VPN solution uses IP hiding and replacement technique and using this, the subscriber would be able to mask his or her identity and prevent the ISP from implementing the throttling effect. When you connect to any one of the servers operated by the VPN, your identity would be hidden and replaced with the server provided IP, thereby your ISP will not be able to identify your original location. As a result of this, the service provider will find that you are not using  the internet which will make them not to impose any kind of bandwidth throttling. Now you can see why VPN is the smart solution for stopping or bypassing ISP throttling.

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