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Virtual Private Network is used all over the globe for two main factors. One is that, it offers accessibility and the second feature is that, it offers security on the internet. Accessibility can be offered by other types of techniques such as DNS, proxies etc. But, it is the security feature offered by Personal VPN which is sought be all the internet users.

Why VPN?

Business organizations, whether they are small or large subscribe for a VPN service to obtain security and anonymity. Large business organizations would be operating in many countries and their survival in the market would be entirely based on their data protection. Similarly, small business organizations need to protect their business data in order to sustain in the country where they are located. If a data is lost, then their chances of recovering them or sustaining in the business market would become a big question mark. Employees of these business organizations could get the VPN service with the technical assistance of the company’s IT staff. Businesses would also want to protect their business communications that occur between their business centers and also between their employees.

Personal VPN – Why?

Just like business organizations trying to secure their important files and data, individuals should also protect their data. There are cases reported of intellectual property loss and financial loss. In such cases, individuals would lose their hard earned money for no reason. Their confidential files would be lost and the person would not be able to recover from the damage. Incidences of hacking, snooping and other fraudulent activities have improved on the internet and so it is mandatory for an individual to protect their data too. Personal VPN is needed not only for Private Internet connections; it is especially needed in the case of public internet connections. The level of risk that internet users face in case of Wi-Fi hotspots and free public Wi-Fi connections is very high.

Personal VPN protection

Due to the presence of numerous online users, the opportunity for hackers to steal data is very high. In this case, no internet connection can be secure without the use of Personal VPN. Individuals would be connecting to the internet mainly using their computers or laptops on the Private Internet connection available in their home, whereas most of the individuals when they go outside or travel to other countries would be using free Wi-Fi internet connections offered in Airports, metro stations, bus stands, coffee shops, theaters, malls etc. Free internet connections would not have secured protocols. Due to the absence of security, it would eventually become an easy target for hackers and frauds. Devices used by individuals such as smartphones and tablets also do not have security features and so altogether, the individual would become an easy target for the hacker.

All of it can be avoided using Personal VPN. Personal VPN service providers have been operating servers in different countries and these servers are the ones responsible for providing security, anonymity, access, picture quality, limited traffic etc. Let us find out how they offer all of them.Synology

Personal VPN servers

Virtual Private Network servers operate in different countries and based on the country of operation, the IP address of each of those VPN companies would differ. The IP address of the Personal VPN server would be taken up by the subscriber who connects to that server. Meanwhile, their original IP would be hidden. These VPN servers provide an encrypted tunnel protocol to the subscriber. This is how, security is provided to the VPN subscriber.

  • Encrypted network that provides security to the user also provides higher bandwidth range. With increase in bandwidth, videos viewed using this network would be of high quality. HD videos can also be viewed.
  • Personal VPN servers also offer higher latency, better upload and download speed. These three factors would improve the access speed. In addition to this, if the VPN has many servers in a single location, then the data traffic would also be limited.
  • Original identity of the internet user would be hidden and as a result of that, the internet activity of the user cannot be tracked by the government or other private agencies.
  • Personal VPN servers can be connected through all types of devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The user should make sure that, they subscribe to a VPN service provider who offers the capability to do so.
  • Secured encrypted protocols are of different types and all the different types of VPN protocols would not be compatible with the device possessed by the user. Mostly, PPTP and L2TP protocols can be accessed using most of the devices.

Features provided by a Personal VPN server would be offered both for free and also for a subscription fee. Free service would provide lesser features whereas high cost VPN subscription would provide all the features available. Individual users would be able to obtain the best of Personal VPN by subscribing for a Basic or Premium plan.

Best Personal VPN service

Individual VPN users should sign up for the best Personal VPN service. The list below shows the top 5 Personal VPN companies.

Rank VPN Provider Starting Price Money Back Guarantee
Visit Provider Site
1 Express VPN $6.67/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
2 $6.55/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
3 IpVanish VPN $10.00/ Month 7 Days visit ipvanish
4 $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn
Vypr VPN
$14.95/Month 7 Days visit vyprvpn
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