How to get North Korea IP abroad

Of the total population of North Korea, only around 4% of the country’s citizens use internet. What does a VPN do in such a low internet using country? Is this is the real market for VPNs and do users subscribe to get North Korea IP abroad?

Internet has brought the entire world on to the screens of a laptop or computer or any other device used to surf the internet. Communications across countries has been made superfast with the existence of internet and there are developments happening in this field as we speak. But, with so many benefits that users would be able to gain from the internet, there are certain issues that could trouble the user in some way or the other.

Certain country users would be able to access the internet at their own peril and there would not be any problem in viewing what they wish for, but at the same time other forms of people would not be able to access the same. Such a variation is mainly due to the geographic restrictions and internet censorship practices. Websites available in one country cannot be viewed in another and this is due to geographic restrictions. A website which is in reality available in a particular country cannot be viewed by the citizens of the country due to internet censorship practices imposed by their government. Internet censorships are bans imposed by governments on certain set of websites.

Internet censorship practices are very high in North Korea. North Korean government is very strict in this particular aspect. They state reasons such as socially offending contents, pornographic contents, political instability causing websites etc. But all these reasons would only cause annoyance to the users since they would not be able to access the sites which they like the most. Even countries such as UAE, China, Burma, Cuba, Pakistan etc. have high internet censorship practices, but the one in North Korea is far worst. Most of the researches conducted on internet users of the country suggest that, this is the main cause for such a low percentage of citizens using the internet. Maybe the government wants its citizens to stay away from the internet, but that is like stealing the internet freedom away from a person.

But, do not worry because there is one method which would bypass all such restrictions, no matter how big or hard the restriction is. Virtual Private Network would provide open internet access to the user. VPN can be used to get North Korea IP abroad.

Why VPN to get North Korea IP abroad

Although there are only 4% of North Korean citizens who use internet, the attention should be shifted towards those who live in the country for personal reasons or for businesses. Expats and business travelers who visit the country would be in need of a VPN service to help them to stay in touch with their home country. Even when they move away from North Korea, most of these users would also require a VPN to get North Korea IP abroad.

When you start residing in a particular country for few years on the trot, you start to like some aspects and sort of hate some too. But, the factors you like would have a huge impact and people would like to have those with them even when they are not in the country. This is especially true when expats want to view North Korean TV shows, comedy series, movies, cultural events etc, from another country, for which they would have to get North Korea IP abroad.

The above mentioned scenario is not only applicable for expats who move away from North Korea, but also for North Korean citizens who have relocated to other countries for official or personal reasons. They would want to get North Korea IP abroad to stay in touch with their country’s contents. The other side to it is that, let’s say for example, if the person is a North Korean citizen and has been residing in USA or UK for a couple of years or more, they would have got internet freedom to enjoy all the contents on the web and suddenly all of a sudden if they relocate back to their home country, it would be like stripping off the internet freedom away from them. But, to avoid such a state and to enjoy the freedom which they obtained from their previous location, VPN is the only way.

VPN to get North Korea IP abroad

As mentioned before, VPN servers operating in North Korea would help the user to get North Korea IP abroad. A VPN service provider that has servers operating from different countries would enable the user to access any country’s website. Security and anonymity is provided by the encrypted protocols and there are different types of protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN. Different VPN service providers offer different encrypted protocols as their servers. A wide array of VPN services are offered at different pricing packages to the users. Whether it is a basic plan or pro VPN plan, users would be able to obtain the best service from a VPN. Price charged on a basic plan would be lower and would suit normal users, whereas pro plans are meant for high profile users who would spend extra dollars for the VPN service.

South Korea

Best VPN to get North Korea IP abroad

From the numerous VPN service providers operating in the market, a list of the best 5 VPNs to get North Korea IP abroad has been given. The evaluation is based on all the standard VPN features and the ones that offer the best security, access speeds, data traffic, latency, download speed would be the ones to get into this list. Expert analysis was performed on VPNs to limit the job of a VPN subscriber.

Rank VPN Provider Starting Price Money Back Guarantee
Visit Provider Site
1 Express VPN $6.67/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
2 $6.55/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
3 IpVanish VPN $10.00/ Month 7 Days visit ipvanish
4 $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn
Vypr VPN
$14.95/Month 7 Days visit vyprvpn
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