Google Play Store Bans Disconnect Mobile

Google has earned fresh criticism this week for banning privacy app Disconnect Mobile. Google makes a lot of money from advertisements, including on the Play Store. Privacy apps like Disconnect Mobile are interfering with this marketing and so are facing discrimination from the company.

Play Store Bans Privacy App

Google makes most of its money off ads run through the company. Developers on the Play Store are also doing this, by running ads in their apps that are featured on the Play Store. This helps them generate revenue when they can’t charge directly or are not set up for in-app purchases. This means that trackers are needed to find users to target for ads. Privacy apps block these types of trackers. This is probably one big reason why privacy apps are not widely available on the Google Play Store.

Putting users and brands together has a great potential for bringing a lot of money in. But targeting users to match them up requires tracking of interests through what people do online. Blocking access to apps that prevent tracking is a good business move. And Google has done just that by banning Disconnect Mobile for the Play Store.

Disconnect Mobile is a mobile app that blocks trackers that run from other apps installed on a mobile device. These apps can’t gather the data that is needed to create targeting profiles for advertising. Many apps on the Play Store that use tracking generate data on user’s page visits, locations, preferences and more. And they use the advertising provided by Google. Disconnect Mobile was taken down from the Play Store after five days. It has already gotten over five thousand downloads in this period. Google said it was removed because it interferes with other apps, a violation of Google Play Store policies. The developer is contesting the action, but Google continues to defend its vague policy.VPN Service Providers

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