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PS3 is a gaming console launched by Sony and it is very popular amongst gamers. Young people are attracted towards PS3 due to the fact that they get to enjoy the entertainment, fun and action of playing games right from their home. There are games available in PS3 which cannot be experienced in the real life. Thus, PS3 offers a real life experience for its users and that is the reason behind such a huge success.

Watch Hulu on PS3

The success of PS3 is not limited to experiencing the action and adventure of games; it has grown new heights by providing the ability for users to access the internet as well. When discussing about internet access, we cannot forget the most popular video streaming website, Hulu. Hulu can be viewed using PS3. In order to watch Hulu on PS3, the first thing that has to be done is to subscribe for Hulu Plus account with the website.

Hulu Plus application

Subscribers should sign up for the contents offered by the Hulu Plus by paying certain subscription fee, only then they would be able to watch Hulu on PS3. Subscription fee would be nothing when compared to the contents that users would be able to obtain from the service. The Hulu Plus application should be downloaded and installed onto the PS3 and even after that, the user can subscribe for its contents. Those who do not know how to find out the application and install onto PS3 can read the instructions provided below:

  • PS3 device should be turned on.
  • “Up” should be selected which would lead the user to the PlayStation store.
  • Press “X” and then select “Video” and then select “Search”.
  • In the blank, enter “Hulu” and press “X” to start searching for the application in the store.
  • The resulting page would have “Hulu Plus” application listed. Just select the application and click “Download”.
  • The application might take some time to download and installation would be automatically performed.
  • After the installation is done, go to Dashboard where the user can find “Hulu Plus” application under “Videos”.
  • Enter the login credentials to enter onto your profile. If not registered, the user can even sign up for the service through the application.

This is how PS3 users could watch Hulu on PS3. But, there is another problem which would be experienced by certain users and that would be discussed in the next part of this article.

Problems that prevent users from being able to watch Hulu on PS3

Before we go ahead any further discussing about the problems that might be faced by certain users from being able to watch Hulu on PS3, let us know about the type of users who would not have any problem and those who would be facing this problem.

US based PS3 users would not face any problem in watching Hulu on their PS3 because, Hulu has its operations in US and it has obtained rights for streaming its contents within the country. But, the same US user when he or she moves out to a different country as an expat or for business reasons would not be able to watch Hulu on PS3.

Unblock and watch Hulu on PS3

PS3 users who live outside the US would not be able to view the contents of Hulu due to geographic restriction. When they try to watch Hulu on PS3, their access would be rejected indicating that, Hulu is not available in their present location. Hulu has obtained licensing rights to stream the content only within the US. Thus, every time a user tries to log onto the Hulu website, it would track the location of the user through their IP address. Every single internet user or connection would have a unique IP address and this would indicate the original location of the user. But, there is a technique available for the users through which they would be able to watch Hulu on PS3 outside US. Even other country citizens would be able to make use of this service to obtain access to the website.

VPN to watch Hulu on PS3 outside US

Virtual Private Network would hide the original IP of the user and would provide a unique internet network which would have an US IP address, necessary to watch Hulu on PS3. VPN companies have servers operating from US and each of those servers would have a unique IP address which would be redirected to the user who would connect to the server.

Upon being able to watch Hulu on PS3, the user would also be able to make use of the VPN service to obtain security and anonymity. VPN subscribers’ internet activity would not be tracked since the network provided by the VPN server would be an encrypted tunnel network. Encrypted internet networks would be the most secured of all and so users would be able to obtain anonymity and security.

Watch Hulu on PS3 at better picture quality

VPNs are known to offer high quality picture viewing ability to their subscribers. Most of the reputed VPN companies offer higher bandwidth network for their users and such a network would improve the picture quality. High Definition videos, TV shows, movies and other video related contents can be viewed on PS3 using VPN. Very good latency, up speed and down speed enhances the internet accessibility for the users. They would not experience any time lag, which would provide them with unrestricted picture viewing capability.

Users can make use of the VPN service on their PS3 device and enjoy viewing various other programs and websites as well. Since it offers a secured network, they can access all the contents they wish and even perform confidential file transfers and financial transactions through the network.Hulu

Subscribe for the best VPN to watch Hulu on PS3

To watch Hulu within US or outside the country, it is better to opt for a VPN service due to numerous benefits it offers to its users. But, to watch Hulu on PS3 in the best possible manner, users should subscribe with one of the best VPNs, which are listed below.

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