Data encryption by VPN

Data encryption is nothing but a protection given to the data possessed by the internet user. Data possessed by an individual and businesses come at risk when they are using the internet and the prevalent risk can cause major damage to the individual or organization if not protected properly. Hackers and snoopers steal valuable data such as bank account details, files, client documents, project files, important communications, client details, pictures, videos etc. All these data should be protected using data encryption by VPN.

Encryption bit such as 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption is provided by VPN service providers. Both these types of encryption bit protocols are quite popular. Of these two types of bit protocols, 256-bit AES encryption provides maximum security and anonymity. Individuals looking to obtain the best security possible should choose a VPN service provider that provides an internet network operating in 256-bit encryption.

Internet risks

Online threats and risks are very high in the case of free internet networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. Free internet networks do not have encryption and this is a major flaw as far as internet network is concerned. Such a flaw can be easily exploited by a hacker. On top of this, most of the internet users make use of the free internet networks using their smartphones and tablets, which are completely unsecure and easy to hack devices. Free Wi-Fi is offered in airports, cafes, theaters, pubs etc. and in such locations most of the individuals would be left with no other choice other than using the free Wi-Fi.

Data encryption by VPN is the best technique using which subscribers can protect their data under all circumstances. An encrypted internet network is the most secure internet network and those who are using this network can be sure of obtaining high quality security and anonymity. High risk internet network can be eliminated using a Virtual Private Network.

Data encryption by VPN offers anonymity

Data encryption by VPN not only provides security, it also provides anonymous internet connection. Data possessed and processed by the subscriber would stay anonymous at all times. None of the online tracking tools or government organizations can trace the data activity or the files possessed by the subscriber. Individuals who are prone to tracking or online attacks can make use of the data encryption by VPN to safeguard all their online activities.

Protocol network

VPN servers provide an encrypted tunnel based protocol network. Internet activity performed by the VPN subscriber is through the secured tunnel, thus providing a multi-layered protection to the user. Another important security parameter provided by VPN service is protocol network. There are different types of protocols provided by VPN companies. PPTP and L2TP are two of the most popular types of VPN protocols. These two protocol networks are provided by many VPN service providers. These protocol types can be setup on all the devices possessed by the subscriber, which is another important advantage for subscribers.

Amongst the different types of protocols, the most secure of them all is SSTP. Business organizations and others who want to obtain high level of security can subscribe for a VPN service provider that offers this particular protocol network. Subscribers also have the option of creating a Pre-shared key in the case of IPSec protocol. This provides additional protection to the subscriber. VPN subscribers can easily protect their money transfers, file communications, etc. using data encryption by VPN.

Best 5 VPN service providers

Internet users who are looking to obtain data encryption by VPN can choose their suitable VPN service provider from the list given below.


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