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VPNs were first conceived as a way for businesses to get remote access. Building a secure network that allows remote workers to access the office network was a great breakthrough. These workers were able to use their computers to communicate privately over the Internet. The need for this type of secure access is even more necessary today. And configuring a leading VPN like ExpressVPN on iOS devices is today the key to remote user access. iOS is one of the main operating systems approved by corporations for remote user devices.

VPN Security on iOS

Using ExpressVPN secures all your traffic and data. ExpressVPN uses OpenVPN by default, which is the most secure VPN protocol. And it also offers the L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocol. This is what secures the data that passes through the private network and over the Internet. The data is further secured by authentication procedures. This makes sure that you are indeed communicating with the correct end user, such as your office. The Internet is full of hackers and snoops who try to intercept communications. The VPN connection will keep them out so they can’t steal your information and harm your system.

Configuring your iOS VPN

You can manually configure a VPN to run on your iOS device, but the process can be tedious. With the expertly pre-configured ExpressVPN iOS app, you can complete the process much more easily. And you will also get the expert technical support that ExpressVPN can provide. So here’s what you need to do to get ExpressVPN on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Sign up for an ExpressVPN account here.
2. Wait for the activation email and take note of the details provided.
3. On your device, enter the VPN settings under General Settings. You will have to scroll down a bit to see it.
4. Add your new VPN connection by first selecting the protocol you wish to use. Avoid PPTP and bare L2TP as these are not very secure.
5. Under the selected protocol, enter your ExpressVPN account details.
6. Back in Settings, you can now turn on the VPN and test it. You may be prompted to reenter your account and password.
7. You can confirm that you are connected to ExpressVPN by checking for “VPN” on the status bar.

Now that you are protected by ExpressVPN, you can get into your office network without worrying about anyone intercepting your data. It is a fast and affordable way for remote workers to maintain network security. And ExpressVPN will secure all personal online activities as well. This protects users from identity theft, credit card fraud and account breaches. Whether you are on public Wi-Fi or a home network, the level of security is guaranteed.



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